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Social Security Disability Attorneys in Union County & the Charlotte Metro Area

Hinson Faulk, P.A. has handled hundreds of disability benefit appeals successfully for its clients. Our firm understands how stressful the entire process can be for honest, hardworking people, and that the stress of that process only compounds the hardship brought about by a debilitating medical condition. Hinson Faulk, P.A. works hard to take that burden off of you and to try to get you the disability benefits that you need and deserve.

There are numerous medical conditions that the Social Security Administration recognizes as disabling. However, in order to receive benefits, you must not only have one of the disabling medical conditions, but you must also be able to qualify based on other strict guidelines. The Social Security Administration evaluates disability claims based on a litany of factors, including your income, employment history, age, and ability to do other relevant work. After you apply, you typically wait a substantial amount of time to learn whether you are approved for benefits, and then if you are not approved, you wait much longer to have an opportunity to appeal the denial before a judge at a hearing. The appeals process and the hearing is your opportunity to prove why you should receive benefits, and it is critical that you have experienced legal counsel on your side to prepare, manage and present your case effectively. Hinson Faulk, P.A. has extensive experience in successfully handling social security disability cases. We offer free initial consultations for social security disability cases.

  • Social Security Disability Appeals and Case Management
  • Counsel in the Social Security Disability Application Process
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